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Even the modern and sophisticated bathroom fittings and kitchen taps need repair or replacement over a time. Finding the right plumber can be a hard task. We make it easy for you. Call 4 Solutions provides all kind of Plumbing services in Kanpur.

When it comes to plumbing for home, you can never take anything lightly. A small leak today can become a pipe burst tomorrow and a halt in your supply of clean running water. Good, timely plumbing lets you enjoy basic sanitary pleasures. It also ensures greater energy savings and an accurate water bill. Whether you have a plumbing problem in the kitchen, bathroom or even the garden, getting the right help and the right time gives you drinking water, warm baths and a thriving garden. Our plumbing and sanitation systems help deliver clean water and also to remove waste. Thus, they protect populations from communicable diseases.

Our plumbing services includes:

  • Leakages
  • Blockage problems
  • Installation of bathroom and kitchen fittings
  • Maintenance of water heater
  • Washing machine setup
  • Changing taps
  • Flush Tank replacement and repair
  • Motor installation and repair
  • Airlock issues
  • Wash basin repair work and more...